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Old Petersburg House

8 Jan



Tiny Sketch,  ink


I spend a lot of time sitting in the car, waiting for my daughter while she’s in class. It gives me a great opportunity to work on my drawing skills. I will post this one on the Urban Sketchers Facebook page!



7 May


Here’s  what I do when I can think of no other art to produce. It’s reminiscent of OP ART, which I have a lot of fun drawing.  I guess it will wait here until creativity calls it to work later.

Johnny Boy’s Mom

29 Mar

johnny Boys Mom - Copy


“Johnny Boy’s Mom”

ink drawing, approx  9″ x 9″

For the novel “The Adventures of Johnny Boy” by David Patteson.


We’re Photons!

29 Mar

We're Photons

“We’re Photons!”

Ink drawing,  9″ x 12″

This drawing is of Johnny Boy, the main character in The Adventures of Johnny Boy by David Patteson. He wasn’t chosen to be Johnny Boy, but I still adore him.