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An Alley in Port-au-Prince

22 Jun

Little watercolor painting of an alley in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Artist: Rebecca Taylor

No, I was not hanging out in allies while I was in Haiti.

Having never been to the country, I entered the range rover that drove me two and a half hours to Hinche and just began immediately snapping photos. (That’s what I do.) “I may never be here again,” I thought to myself, and proceeded to collect as much photographic evidence of my existence in Haiti that I could.

The range rover sped through the pot-holed streets of Port-au-Prince, crept through throngs of at-risk pedestrians, and wound its way through mountainous volcanic cinder cliffs towards the central plateau where I dwelled for seven days. And I just snapped away unable to get those beautiful, crystal clear, highly professional photographs. I could have cared less. These little blurry, hastily captured, snippets of off-the-cuff images of random Haitian life form a collection of vignettes that feeds me inspiration for future art pieces.

The little paintings that this experience has led me to create are very small and playful. I was unable to obtain any firm grasp on Haiti while I was there so these little watercolors reflect, in their swiftness of creation, my fleeting visit.


Beyond the Wall

9 Sep

Beyond the wall petersburg


Happy Monday.


Here’s a primacolor drawing of a building in Petersburg, Va.

I have been building and prepping 3 separate journals, 2 dream and one wreck this journal. I’m trying to get back in the swing of homescholing and my work at the nature center will have  a huge, horrific role in my dream journals.

I need to make a painting again……….sigh :/



Beach House View

24 Aug

nags head view

Watercolor and paint marker inside journal.


I have been super busy this summer with lots of art classes and one vacation.  I had one private student, taught two Nature Art camps at the nature center, and went to Nags Head for the week.  I will need a break from this summer, and I hope to get it real soon.  I have been working in journals a ton lately and have started a new dream journal.  I won’t be able to share that one for quite some time, though, since I am working on all the pages at once.

I have added 5 new sections to my student art page. It is work the kids did in my Nature Art camp. I still need to get my private students’ work on there.  It’ll be up soon.  Enjoy it!


16 Mar



Appomatox Region Governors School, mixed media, artist trading card

Untitled II

13 Feb

Untitled II


Untitled II,  Gelatin Silverprint,   approx  8″ x 11″,    2001


12 Feb



Gelatin Silverprint, approx  8″ x 11″, 2001

Halsey Granary

10 Jan

halsey granary


Styrofoam print      approx 5″ x  7″

A building on the former  farm of the Halsey Family in Grassy Creek, VA.  A place that’s very special in the hearts of my husband and his family.

Old Petersburg House

8 Jan



Tiny Sketch,  ink


I spend a lot of time sitting in the car, waiting for my daughter while she’s in class. It gives me a great opportunity to work on my drawing skills. I will post this one on the Urban Sketchers Facebook page!

St. Benedict Church, Richmond, VA

17 Oct

St. Benedict's Church


St. Benedict Church

mixed media

Unfinished Venice

26 Sep

venice unfinished

Venice was crazy difficult to draw! All the buildings are sinking one way or another, which really makes the city a  perspective nightmare!   Alas, I gave up…