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An Alley in Port-au-Prince

22 Jun

Little watercolor painting of an alley in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Artist: Rebecca Taylor

No, I was not hanging out in allies while I was in Haiti.

Having never been to the country, I entered the range rover that drove me two and a half hours to Hinche and just began immediately snapping photos. (That’s what I do.) “I may never be here again,” I thought to myself, and proceeded to collect as much photographic evidence of my existence in Haiti that I could.

The range rover sped through the pot-holed streets of Port-au-Prince, crept through throngs of at-risk pedestrians, and wound its way through mountainous volcanic cinder cliffs towards the central plateau where I dwelled for seven days. And I just snapped away unable to get those beautiful, crystal clear, highly professional photographs. I could have cared less. These little blurry, hastily captured, snippets of off-the-cuff images of random Haitian life form a collection of vignettes that feeds me inspiration for future art pieces.

The little paintings that this experience has led me to create are very small and playful. I was unable to obtain any firm grasp on Haiti while I was there so these little watercolors reflect, in their swiftness of creation, my fleeting visit.


Social Painting in Haiti!!! February 2018

13 Mar

What an fabulous experience! In my backpack I hauled watercolor paper, pencils, impromptu “easels”, brushes, and cups all the way from Richmond, VA to Hinche, Haiti to volunteer with Midwives For Haiti.


Niagara Falls

2 Mar

Niagara Falls Watercolor


Watercolor,     4″ x  11″

Let There Be Songs To Fill The Air

1 Jan

let there be songs

watercolor and sharpie,  6″ x 8″

My friend and I have a Grateful Dead theme in so many of our gifts.


5 Sep





10.5″  x  14.5″

I think this painting needs an indigo bunting. What do you think?


5 Sep



watercolor and ink

18″  x  24″