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Beach House View

24 Aug

nags head view

Watercolor and paint marker inside journal.


I have been super busy this summer with lots of art classes and one vacation.  I had one private student, taught two Nature Art camps at the nature center, and went to Nags Head for the week.  I will need a break from this summer, and I hope to get it real soon.  I have been working in journals a ton lately and have started a new dream journal.  I won’t be able to share that one for quite some time, though, since I am working on all the pages at once.

I have added 5 new sections to my student art page. It is work the kids did in my Nature Art camp. I still need to get my private students’ work on there.  It’ll be up soon.  Enjoy it!


Dupont Circle

26 Nov



A cooperative drawing with my husband. We challenged each other to draw with our non-dominant hands.

Prismacolor colored pencils,  9″  x  11″


18 Apr





Journal page

When I camp, it imagine it to be getting away from the world. It’s amazing to me all the noise at campgrounds. They are party zones.

I think I’m going to need to start backpacking.


15 Apr

beckystepped n poop - Copy


“Becky Stepped in Poop”, headed to Maine

travel journal page, Prismacolors,  approx   9″  x  11″