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Lava Lamp Still Life

30 Oct

lava lamp still life


“Lava Lamp Still Life”

Not my best work, but a fun, groovy still life!


Blue Nude

8 Oct

blue nude


“Blue Nude”

Well, looks like a blurry, poorly lit piece is what I have to settle on uploading today. I really need to reshoot my work :/

unfinished bedroom

24 May



Here’s what happens when I get distracted. Another unfinished drawing.


28 Mar

cardinal- Copy



oil pastel,   12″  x 14″


26 Mar



oil pastel on canvas,    24″  x  36″

Blue Bones

22 Mar

blue skeleton - Copy

“Blue Bones”

Oil Pastel on newspaper,       7  1/2″  x  17  1/2″

I love how one line drawings can free up your drawing style. You never how wacky the end result will be.