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Beyond the Wall

9 Sep

Beyond the wall petersburg


Happy Monday.


Here’s a primacolor drawing of a building in Petersburg, Va.

I have been building and prepping 3 separate journals, 2 dream and one wreck this journal. I’m trying to get back in the swing of homescholing and my work at the nature center will have  a huge, horrific role in my dream journals.

I need to make a painting again……….sigh :/





21 Mar



Artist Trading Card, colored pencil

Steady, Now

21 Nov

holding hands

Drawn using the bent grid system.

17″  x  14″    colored pencil

Viking Inspired Dragon

14 Nov

viking interlaced dragons becky

colored pencil……………I love him! Check out  my students’ dragons on the “My Students’ Work” page.

Unfinished Emperor Angelfish

20 May

unfinished Emperor Angelfish- Copy

approx 9″  x  11″

It actually looks kinda cool unfinished!

Petersburg, VA

3 May



colored pencil drawing, approx  9″  x  12″