New Nature Journal

20 Mar


I am transitioning an art book from the 1930’s into my own nature journal.  My first entry had to be about all the gorgeous cherry blossoms popping up.

Check on my “welcome” page to find a listing of upcoming Nature Journaling classes at Rockwood Nature Center.


Pine Needle Basket Weaving

22 Nov

pine needle basket2 pine needle basket 22

This little thing fought me tooth and nail! She’s not perfect, but hey, who cares?!  It has a 12″ circumference and a 3 1/2″ diameter. Approximately 7 hours of work, not including all the gathering and prep.

Pine Needle Basket Weaving

14 Nov

pine needle basket2


Last night I taught my first Pine Needle Basket Weaving class at Rockwood Nature Center. It was a bit slow going but everyone was a beginner. We achieved only a two inch section! We will speed up next week, beginning at the center is the hardest part. The basket shown above is the first pine needle basket I’ve ever made.

I have done it again

12 Sep

Ok world, I have made my second attempt to try to get my work out there. This time, on a whim just like the last, I contacted Steady Sounds, a local vinyl shop, and asked them if I could hang my portraits.

Positive energy on that one PLEASE!!!!!!!


Here’s a pencil drawing from when I was preteen aged.

horse drawing first sketchbook ever

Beyond the Wall

9 Sep

Beyond the wall petersburg


Happy Monday.


Here’s a primacolor drawing of a building in Petersburg, Va.

I have been building and prepping 3 separate journals, 2 dream and one wreck this journal. I’m trying to get back in the swing of homescholing and my work at the nature center will have  a huge, horrific role in my dream journals.

I need to make a painting again……….sigh :/



Beach House View

24 Aug

nags head view

Watercolor and paint marker inside journal.


I have been super busy this summer with lots of art classes and one vacation.  I had one private student, taught two Nature Art camps at the nature center, and went to Nags Head for the week.  I will need a break from this summer, and I hope to get it real soon.  I have been working in journals a ton lately and have started a new dream journal.  I won’t be able to share that one for quite some time, though, since I am working on all the pages at once.

I have added 5 new sections to my student art page. It is work the kids did in my Nature Art camp. I still need to get my private students’ work on there.  It’ll be up soon.  Enjoy it!

Sculpture: Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

16 Jun

Lewis Ginter Sculpture                            sculpture lg


Spent Father’s Day at the gardens and took a little time to paint. Had such a fun time making this!

This last week has been filled with a lot of class planning activity. I have a new student, Ladies’ Painting Night, and Nature Art summer camp in the works.

…………Well, I’m having difficulty focusing on saying  much more………..I have been reading lots of ADD books lately…….pretty sure I have it……..I’m glazing over while I type……


………………bye for now.

Self Portrait 1999

3 Jun

self portrait 2 oil on glass - Copy

“Self Portrait, 1999”, Oil on glass

I’m feeling a bit sad today. The past two weeks have been a struggle to frame the five portraits (including the one above) that were accepted to hang in a local restaurant. It’s been a lot of work, frustration, time, and money I don’t really have. I just received information stating that the restaurant is “closing for a couple of months”.  Ultimately what that means, I don’t know.


Now comes the part where I try to look on the bright side.

1. I was brave enough to ask if I could exhibit.

2. Someone said yes to me!

3. I got a lot of practice cutting glass and assembling frames.

4. These pieces deserved to be framed ages ago. Now they are officially complete.

5. They are ready for me to approach someone else and hang immediately with no more effort.


I will be sad for a little while. It’s ok to be disappointed. But I will try to remember  the 5 positives above and put one foot in front of the other and keep on going.





27 May

DaveO soft pastel on board

“Dave-O”,  soft pastel on board

Happy sunny day to you all,

Thanks to all how sent me positive vibes! I was accepted to hang my portraits in a local restaurant! I am a bit nervous, though, because I haven’t heard from the restaurant owner for awhile. I’m  getting antsy not knowing  on which date I will be hanging.

Meanwhile, I am framing like a mad man, and it’s quite a struggle. I feel like I am taking the measurements correctly, but when the time comes to put the pieces together they don’t match up. I’m also having difficulty cutting the glass, there’s been a lot aof breakage and money wasted that I don’t have- and I know how to cut glass because I used to do it for a living! Many tantrums are going to be thrown if this doesn’t start going more smoothly for me.

Above is a portrait that was not chosen to hang….

Enjoy your day!


15 May

Jay soft pastel on paper


“Jay”   18″  x  24″    soft pastel on paper

Happy May 15th everyone. I became really brave recently and asked the owner of a groovy little cafe if he’d be interested in hanging my art. I have submitted 8 portraits to him for his approval, above is one of them. It would be great to receive positive vibes from everybody….Many people may not realize what a scary step this can be for some people (people like me ;)).

Enjoy the warmth!