In the past I have uploaded my kids’ art to Artsonia. You can see their pieces here…


Pine Needle Basket Weaving




Nature Journaling



Printmaking: Linoleum Prints

SCAN0010 SCAN0015 SCAN0306


Printmaking: Monoprints

SCAN0032 Niko's Print 2016 SCAN0038

Abstract Watercolors

abstract watercolor lyla connors comets connor watercolor straw blowing Scott salt

 Still Life Drawing

Noko still life cylinders     still life cylinders winter

Niko toys still life     Winter toys still life

Illuminated Manuscripts

Illuminated initials lillie

 Watercolor Still Life


At first, we learned basic drawing skills such as highlight, shadow, and cast shadow. Then we practiced  controlling the flow of the watercolor.

sophia conecylinder2014

Control of watercolor mastered, color blending introduced.

ballet shoes sophia 2014

Private art class, 2014


Snake Collages

Tissue paper and watercolor on watercolor paper. Each snake segment was to have a different pattern drawn onto it.

snake collage kylee snake collage nika snake collage norah (2)

Created in my Nature Art Camp 2014 Session II, ages 7-9.


Marble Painting

We began with one blob of yellow and one blob of green. Then we threw some marbles on top and rolled them around until the colors blended. After that, the children imagined what environment the marble painting created and painted in who lives there.

marble painting gavyn marble painting kylee marble painting nika marble painting norah

Created in my Nature Art Camp 2014 Session II, ages 7-9.


Nocturnal Animals

Created in my Nature Art Camp 2014 Session II, ages 7-9.    Acrylic and watercolor on watercolor paper.

nocturnal animal gavyn nocturnal animal kylee

nocturnal animal norah nocturnal animal painting Nika


Mouse Collage

These adorable mice are based on Ed Emberly’s Picture Pie book.

mouse collage kylee mouse collage norah mouse collage norah (2)

Created in my Nature Art Camp 2014 Session II, ages 7-9.



Created in my Nature Art Camp 2014 Session II, ages 7-9. Acrylic on canvas paper.

insect painting gavyn insect painting nika insect painting norah

  insect painting kylee


Styrofoam Printmaking

A more affordable way to make prints is by using styrofoam from meat packaging. It’s upcycling, too!

lillie print brush1 lillie print zest1 lillieprintphoenixflight3 lillieprintphoenixrest1 madeline print snow1 madeline print wish

noelle pring pure noelle print2


Kente Cloth Paper Weaving

Using acid free card stock we wove 4″ strips together, paying attention to pattern and color symbolism. We then sewed the strips together on a sewing machine to make a larger piece of “cloth”.

20140217_143534 20140217_143544 kente SCAN0007


Viking Inspired Dragons

Using colored pencils, we worked on interlacing our dragons.

viking interlaced dragons lillie viking interlaced dragons madeline

viking interlaced dragons noelle viking interlaced dragons terri



lillie grid lillie grid 2012 noah



102_5714 lillie (11) ns4 postedmc15


Islamic Inspired Patterns

islamic noelle 20131111_134639islamic art t collins

We were learning about Islamic tile work.  We used compasses and metallic paint to create these symmetrical designs. Thank you for posting this project.


Value: Tone, Tint, and Shade

leaves (4)

Working on tone, tint, and shade in oil pastels.



Recently did a plaster mosaic project with my new Art History class. The ages range from 9 to adult. Check them out!

100_8297 100_8296  100_8295



brooklyn                                  brooklyn2

Over the summer of 2013, I taught a  nature art class to a group of 5-8 year old children. We learned about wildlife and made art related to the animals we discussed that day.  I was quite impressed with this young lady’s art!


gavin owl

During one of my private classes, my young, 8-year-old friend drew the cutest owl!


Positive and Negative Space




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