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An Alley in Port-au-Prince

22 Jun

Little watercolor painting of an alley in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Artist: Rebecca Taylor

No, I was not hanging out in allies while I was in Haiti.

Having never been to the country, I entered the range rover that drove me two and a half hours to Hinche and just began immediately snapping photos. (That’s what I do.) “I may never be here again,” I thought to myself, and proceeded to collect as much photographic evidence of my existence in Haiti that I could.

The range rover sped through the pot-holed streets of Port-au-Prince, crept through throngs of at-risk pedestrians, and wound its way through mountainous volcanic cinder cliffs towards the central plateau where I dwelled for seven days. And I just snapped away unable to get those beautiful, crystal clear, highly professional photographs. I could have cared less. These little blurry, hastily captured, snippets of off-the-cuff images of random Haitian life form a collection of vignettes that feeds me inspiration for future art pieces.

The little paintings that this experience has led me to create are very small and playful. I was unable to obtain any firm grasp on Haiti while I was there so these little watercolors reflect, in their swiftness of creation, my fleeting visit.


Two Years Busy but I’m Back!

14 Jun

Just to get back into the swing of things, I thought I’d just warm up with a simple tile repost of some of my favorite pieces. Stay tuned for a recap of my photography exhibit at the Downtown Richmond Library this past January, Social Painting events I have hosted over the past couple of years, student art, new landscape paintings of New Mexico, and upcoming learning opportunities.

I have adopted Instagram which tends to show studio activity, from the various materials I am using, to the tunes being played while I work, plus a few random ponderings.  I can be found here:

I am so excited!

16 Jan

I was Tuesday’s featured artist on Jenniebellie Studio! See my art and read my interview here:

This piece was inspired by Jennie


Abstract Expressionist Tree

4 Nov

Abstract expressionist tree


acrylic on board

Sidewalk in November

1 Nov

Sidewalk in November


Oil on Canvas board

I am thankful that November is welcoming us with plenty of warmth today. Now, if I could convince her to give us sunshine…