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Cylinder Drawing Practice with my Students

12 Dec

still life cylinders becky3

soft pastel on paper

Go to “My Students’ Work” to see the kids’ drawings.



27 May

DaveO soft pastel on board

“Dave-O”,  soft pastel on board

Happy sunny day to you all,

Thanks to all how sent me positive vibes! I was accepted to hang my portraits in a local restaurant! I am a bit nervous, though, because I haven’t heard from the restaurant owner for awhile. I’m  getting antsy not knowing  on which date I will be hanging.

Meanwhile, I am framing like a mad man, and it’s quite a struggle. I feel like I am taking the measurements correctly, but when the time comes to put the pieces together they don’t match up. I’m also having difficulty cutting the glass, there’s been a lot aof breakage and money wasted that I don’t have- and I know how to cut glass because I used to do it for a living! Many tantrums are going to be thrown if this doesn’t start going more smoothly for me.

Above is a portrait that was not chosen to hang….

Enjoy your day!

Unsuccessful Start

11 Sep

unsuccessful start


self portrait disaster!       I still like it, though  🙂

soft pastel


22 Mar

dragon- Copy



soft pastel,    18″ x 24″