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Autumn Oak Leaves

3 Oct

autumn oak collage with signature

Happy Autumn!


Equine Sun

8 Apr

equine sun copyright

“Equine Sun”

collage, 7 1/2″ x 10″

Being not rich, I decided to create my own way cool journals for Christmas gifts one year. I’m always looking at the beautiful journals in the stores, but I never want to pay money for them. I kept thinking, “I could make that”. So I did! I collaged straight onto the cover of an art tablet, then covered the cover with clear contact paper.

Romulus and Remus

18 Mar

Romulus and Remus


“Romulus and Remus”, collage, approx 12.5″ x  20″


3 Dec

fairy ATC



Artist Trading Card, Collage

Doodle Girl

14 Aug

doodle girl


Another doodle!   with girl collaged  in…


29 May




collage, mixed media, approx  5″  x  7″

Time to clean up after all those parties!

28 May

artist trading card- Copy


This is one of my favorite artist trading cards.

Happy cleaning!

Portable Player

24 May

portable player


“Portable Player”

Collage on marbleized paper,    5 1/2″  x  8″

So I marbleized this paper 20 years ago! And some of the girls have been waiting to be used  for about the same amount of time. This collage is the first time I have used a haiku in my work.

What title should I give this?

23 May

what title


collage     9″  x  12″

“The Fly” just seems too obvious and simple. Maybe it should be something like, “She Never Knew Her Sister Hated Her”…..

Cleopatra Dreams of Bicycles

22 May



“Cleopatra Dreams of Bicycles”

collage,  Approx  5″  x  7″


When I go into bookstores, I can’t help but stare at all the beautiful writing journals. I love the various rich covers and I want to buy every single one! I can’t seem to spare the money to buy one; and, who wants the same journal someone else has?  AND, they always have lines in them.

This year I decided to make homemade journals for Christmas gifts. This one, Cleopatra II ( see April 19) , and Equine Sun (March 20 post) all were homemade journals for family members.