27 May

DaveO soft pastel on board

“Dave-O”,  soft pastel on board

Happy sunny day to you all,

Thanks to all how sent me positive vibes! I was accepted to hang my portraits in a local restaurant! I am a bit nervous, though, because I haven’t heard from the restaurant owner for awhile. I’m  getting antsy not knowing  on which date I will be hanging.

Meanwhile, I am framing like a mad man, and it’s quite a struggle. I feel like I am taking the measurements correctly, but when the time comes to put the pieces together they don’t match up. I’m also having difficulty cutting the glass, there’s been a lot aof breakage and money wasted that I don’t have- and I know how to cut glass because I used to do it for a living! Many tantrums are going to be thrown if this doesn’t start going more smoothly for me.

Above is a portrait that was not chosen to hang….

Enjoy your day!


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